Monday, 19 June 2017

i want to move

A very quick update.

There is an insect infestation in our house started by what I presume are wood borers. These wood borers can be tiny beetles/worm like creatures according to google images. They make tunnels in the wooden furniture and leave yellow chaffs of wood behind, which are very very hard to clean because they are light and fly about.

Recently, I came across Wendy's blog post from 2009 when she, too, faced the same dilemma.

She said the wooden pieces left behind is the feces of these disgusting insects. When I saw the google images of them making their tunnels and just sliding around in them, I just got goosebumps because I cannot imagine I have been roommates with hundreds of them for so long.

Few months back,I used this pesticide called "Terminator" which is used to kill termites.
Personally, I think that name is witty and hilarious, but lame at the same time. 

I thought I could finally take a breath of relief. However, they reappeared and all my clothes got the dirty yellow wood/feces all over it again.

This time, our old helper girl emptied a whole bottle of "Terminator" inside ONE of my cupboards. My room smelled horrible to some. But I like the smell of chemicals, including the ones in mosquito repellents and paint. Anyway, it as hazardous because the smell was so sharp and strong, I presume.

However, the pests continued to multiply and now I have some more in my dressing table and shoe rack!

I don't think any piece of furniture is salvageable anymore because I just hoped the problem would go away (Like I do with most things anyway) and never did anything about it.
And suddenly, one day, one of the doors of my cupboard came crashing down.

I WAS SO ANNOYED, I picked up that heavy door in my Hulk-Mode and threw it outside my house.

The exterminator will cost quite a bit I'm guessing. because my cupboard is pretty big and there are more than 3 pieces of furniture that have been affected.

Actually, to be very honest, I want to move!

This house is cute and lovely and everything but everything keeps breaking down.
Maybe the polish or the wiring or general setup of the house is half-assed.

Just yesterday, Sari almost electrocuted herself because she tried using one of the switches in my room that is always on no matter if you put the switch up or down.

She wanted to plug in her charger so I told her to use a pen to unblock the third hole so the other two holes would also free up.

She plugged in the pen and she could've got the 'shock of her life' (hehe) but she didn't. She didn't even turn on the switch and her phone started charging as soon as she plugged in the charger.

I wanted to confirm that the plug point really was messed up, so later at night I tried that whole pen thing and my lamp. And yes, the switch is totally dispensable. I could've died too, especially because, like an invincible person, I decided to not wear my slippers even though I was going to do this experiment.

Other things that have been messing up REPEATEDLY are the washing machine, televisions, fridge, computer, need I say more?

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